Start NPC Claude Baudez - Reboldeaux @ D-5
Type UPC
Minimum Level 60
Items Needed Tortoise Shell x45
A Bomber's Dagger x45
Tungsten x45
A Wild Dog’s Canine Tooth x60
A Bulk of Tin x60
Live Candlestick Fragment with Evil Spirit x60
Repeatable No
Reward Durandal
Trooper's Saber
Level 60 EXP Card x3
Polish: Explorer x3
Claude Baudez's Card
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Silver Baron, The Renowned Sword None


Game DescriptionEdit


Claude Baudez - Reboldeaux @ D-5


Well this is a great opportunity to seize the sword I've created. If you hurry up and gather the materials, I'll make you the sword of your dreams. You get the sword and I get the materials!

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